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AL-新加坡商立可人事 徵 人才招募業務 (招募顧問)

發表於: 14 Jan 2019

Here's what makes Recruit Express (HRnet Group) the Singapore Business Award Winner in 2017!

在立可人事 Recruit Express, 我們之所以有能力大量聘僱沒有工作經驗的新鮮人, 並協助他們在招募服務市場發光發熱,  是因為我們具備有別於同業的訓練制度, 讓每天的工作可以被量化且追蹤, 從中優化工作流程並給予更大的發揮空間!

。Self-sufficient: 有獨立作業的能力,真正接觸客戶與求職者! "Our people are very self-sufficient and they are both client-facing and candidate-facing. Every team will do their own research," "So you could be very young - just joined us for six months - and already be out meeting clients - we encourage that."

。Team work: 透過內部合作,快速學習他人經驗並加值自身成長幅度,1+1總是大於2! "You always have frictional losses when one person handles clients and a separate person handles candidates. In each of our teams, all members have equal access and air time with the client," 

。Promotion & Career: 累積的努力都可以成為晉升的能量,並有建立與帶領團隊的能力! "How long it will take for you to be promoted, we've made it very, very transparent. So you won't find our guys staying as a consultant for years. They will progress up," 

。Professional & Speed: 我們總是有萬全的準備與高度的投入,能在需求產生時,立即提供合適的人才與解決方案! "Generally the moment the client gives us an order we expect our guy to already have a good candidate in mind, and all he needs to do is to check in with the candidate. Because he has done all his mapping, his homework." Come to join us! 

快來加入我們, 開啟你/妳的獵頭生活吧!

行業: 其他
職業: 人力資源
工作地: 台北市
僱傭類型: 全職
工作經驗: 0
薪資範圍: NT30,000-NT50,000 / mth

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