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發表於: 13 Sep 2018

Customer Support  

You will be working directly with our partners, distributors, and customers for our 3D printers around the world. In this role, you will be our initial help specialist, our social media manager, and the main person that people come to when they need training, advice, and troubleshooting.

We need a person who is both responsive and proactive. When we receive emails from our customers, you will gather the information from our team and find an acceptable solution. On the other hand, you will also be actively searching through forums, user groups, and social media to find issues and reviews that customers have, and either reach out to help them directly, or notify our development team about changes to make in the future.

If there are no issues to address at the time, you will help our marketing and sales team by making 3D printed samples to give to customers and distributors, as well as attending or helping prepare for trade shows and demonstrations.

Job Responsibilities:

-Training customers on how to use and maintain 3D printers

-Managing our social media accounts

-Searching the web for customer feedback and issues

-Preparing training sessions and support documents

-Providing remote support and troubleshooting

-Recording customer problems and providing solutions for future development

-Preparing sample 3D prints

行業: 其他
職業: 客戶服務
工作地: 台北市
僱傭類型: 全職
工作經驗: 1
薪資範圍: 面議

For enquiries, you can contact Christina Hsu for a confidential discussion.


Contact: 0287806811

**All information will be treated with the strictest confidence. We regret that only short-listed applicants will be notified.