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CL-Senior Marketing Officer (Cloud Service)

發表於: 29 Oct 2018

- Expand and increase company awareness and products exposure in TW. 
- Provide a local marketing support on various marketing quadrants, includes products, vendor/partner development, media/social media relationship maintenance in Taiwan market. 
- To study and analyze B2B business trend, such as competitors, industry insights & market information for developing effective marketing strategy. 
- Familiar with campaigns planning and execution/logistic/result management
- Experienced in content marketing is a plus 

Principal Account abilities: 
- Work closely with cross function teams to devise and present ideas and strategies. 
- Assist in the development of marketing strategy and communication strategy for the company image & products in TW. 
- Assist to develop and implement various marketing programs, campaigns and media plan for TW region. 
- Familiar with IT B2B business model. 
- Compiling and distributing financial and statistical information, analyzing data to show trends takes precision. 
- Generate and collect more sales leads or business opp. in order to support local sales team 
- To support and develop newsletters, promotion programs, digital marketing for TW region 
- Explore and communicate with new partners, channel partners, association, and media in order to develop marketing programs in TW.



1. 研究和分析B2B業務趨勢,如競爭對手,具備行業洞察力和市場信息,以製定有效的行銷策略。 
2. 依市場趨勢及業務目標企劃有效行銷活動、展覽並執行 
3. 收集或分發更多銷售線索或商機,以支持銷售團隊 
4. 具有ROI管理概念 
5. 具異業結盟提案規劃能力,跨部門、原廠、合作廠商整合行銷溝通 
6. 數位行銷內容規劃與撰寫 
7. 媒體關係維護,新聞稿撰寫與公關活動 
8. 具IT產業行銷經驗尤佳

行業: 資訊科技/軟體/通訊
職業: 行銷/公關/公共關係
工作地: 台北市
僱傭類型: 全職
工作經驗: 5
薪資範圍: NT50,001-NT70,000 / mth

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Contact: 0287806811

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