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Account Sales Manager_ High Tech (大型能源設備)

發表於: 29 Nov 2018

Account Sales Manager_ High Tech 


 Position Description

1.Fousing on meeting the customer's needs, maintaining close and long-term customer relationship.

2.Investigating and develop new business opportunities in Taiwan, assess market studies and analyze needs and potentials, negotiations with customers.

3.Fully responsible for the allocated sales activities from business opportunity to receipt of payment from customers.

4.To achieve the sales and order booking for the dedicated segments and customer accounts, consistent with the low operating cost as agreed in the budgets. Analyze market situation, product development and pricing concerning competitors with dedicated segments and customer accounts. Prepare monthly business reports.


Qualifications & Experience

1.College / University graduate or above.

2.Creative, innovative, analytical and possessing a strong commitment to excellence.

3.Excellent spoken and written skills in both English and Chinese.

4.Knowledge of the telecommunications industry.

5.Superb knowledge of Energy products and functionality.

6.proficient in strategic marketing, research, sales skills.

7.Excellent skills in market analysis.

8.Possesses minimum 3-5 years sales experience            

行業: 資訊科技/軟體/通訊
職業: 業務/市場開發
工作地: 台北市
僱傭類型: 全職
工作經驗: 3
薪資範圍: 面議

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