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AN-新加坡商公司徵Sr. Service Engineer/3年以上設備經驗

發表於: 28 Dec 2018


(a)    Technical Service Support  支持技术维修

•       Set-up, install, buy-off and commission new semiconductor equipment at customer sites

•       在顾客现场设置,组装,采购新的半导体设备

•       Provide pre and post sales technical support to service and upgrade equipment  e.g. change-kits, new design modules, features and capabilities

•       提供售前与售后的技术支持和设备更新,如:变更套件,新设计模块,特性和功能

•       Trouble-shoot process related problems and identify root cause(s) for effective and timely resolution of field issues

•       解决与流程相关的问题并确认有效和及时解决现场问题的根本原因

•       Work closely with Engineering and Manufacturing on design, quality and performance issues

•       在设计,质量和性能问题上与工程师制造部门密切合作

•       Assist in overall machine performance evaluation with technical reports and feedback

•       通过技术报告和反馈协助整体机器性能评估

•       Cost management to lower service support expenses during warranty and post warranty

•       在保修期间和后降低维修费用


(b)    Technical Training技术培训

•       Provide technical training for customers on set-up, operations and maintenance

•       提供顾客设置,操作及维修方面的技术培训

•       Update and maintain all service related documentation or reports in databases (e.g. customer feedback system) for effective record, monitoring and resolution of customer issues

•       更新和维系所有维修相关的文档及报告(如客户反馈系统),以便有效记录,观察及解决客户的问题


(c)   Defend Customer base 保护客户群

•      Defend customer installed base with regular field service reports

•       使用常规维修报告保护客户安装基础

•       Provide competitive information and market intelligence on ground to Service and Sales

•       提供销售和维修部竞争性信息及市场消息

•       Build and maintain strong customer relations on ground

•       建立并维系良好客户关系


(d)   Support Service and Sales revenue growth提供服务支持及销售业绩增长

•       Strive to convert demo POs to confirmed POs at customer sites with strong technical and customer service support 

•       通过强大的技术与客服支持,努力将演示采购订单转换确认采购订单

•       Identify opportunities on ground for added revenue in terms of spare part sales, preventive maintenance etc

•       发掘任何通过推销零件/预防性维护等有可能增加收入的机会



•       Technical certificate, Diploma or Degree in Electronics/Mechanical Engineering

•       电子/机械工程技术证书,文凭或学位

•       Some experience in servicing automated / production equipment.

•       维修自动化/生产机器上方面的经验

•       Computer literate

•       熟练操作计算机

•       Excellent customer orientation skills

•       良好的客户导向能力

•       Able to travel overseas at short notice

•       在短时间内可以出国出差

行業: 半導體/電子工程
職業: 研發/工程
工作地: 台中市
僱傭類型: 全職
工作經驗: 0
薪資範圍: 面議

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