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AL-[全球知名IC設計公司]軟體工程師, 無經驗可

發表於: 28 Jan 2020

公司為全球知名美商IC Design House.
目前專案為iOT物聯網, 主要針對智慧城市與智慧家居市場, 範疇遍布亞洲: 台灣/日本/韓國/香港...等等..
如果你對全球領先技術有強大的好奇心與熱忱, 這裡是你最好選擇!

位於信義區中心, 近市政府捷運站.
薪資以年薪的方式核薪, 12個月發放, 所以比起台灣大廠20月的發薪方式,
在這裡你的月薪會直接提高近兩倍的數字. 付出一個月的努力與貢獻, 就能得到一個月的報酬, 不用等到年底才能領獎金.

約聘制, 會先簽到九月或者一年一簽, 最多兩年的時間.
因為是長期需求, 所以如果表現良好, 續約及轉正職的機率很高.
因為此公司正職的機會非常難申請且名額有限, 萬中選一; 所以此機會的好處是, 搶先加入, 能比其他人更有機會轉為正式員工!

招募以下職位, 若您在校論文和此領域相關, 對以下職缺感興趣, 都歡迎投遞履歷.

Title: Software Applications Engineer - RF (IoT)

  • To join Customer Engineering team and work with world leading Internet of Everything (i.e any forms of IoT devices such as smart cameras, wearables, smart assistants, robots, auto infotainments or drones device makers from design &develop to commercially launch exciting new products. These Core BSP & Multimedia Customer Engineers are expected to:
  • Understand every aspects of customers' IoT requirements and designs 
  • To communicate with internal product & development teams on any HW/SW design related issues/features from customer designs 
  • To work with customers development teams in resolving any IoT feature development and product commercialization issues


  • Good understanding on wireless communication, familiar with 3gpp standard. 
  • Solid knowledge on LTE RF. 
  • Familiar with RF calibration and LTE RF conformance testing 
  • Experience in handset test and interest in handset verification test
  • Strong experience in C language and good debugging skills 
  • Knowledge and Experience on HLOS like Windows mobile or Android is a plus 
  • Good English communication and interpersonal skills 
  • high motivation, strong self-learning capability
行業: 半導體/電子工程
職業: 研發/工程
工作地: 台北市
僱傭類型: 兼職/約聘
工作經驗: 0
薪資範圍: 面議

For enquiries, you can contact Ada Lin for a confidential discussion.


Contact: 0287806811

**All information will be treated with the strictest confidence. We regret that only short-listed applicants will be notified.