MG-知名德商 徵 Sr. QC Engineer



Job Description:

1) Responsible for Handling of Non-Conformance Issues.

  • Handle all non-conformance issues resulting from customer complaints, internal quality issues and raw material abnormities, keep NCM system running smoothly and trigger / transfer / close the process timely.
  • Keep the internal New Quality Feedback System running smoothly, push related parties to provide required quality information in due course.
  • Coordinate investigation of non-conformance issues and ensure the effective implementation of preventive and corrective measures to prevent recurrence, and prepare investigation report.
    • Close collaborations with Production, Sales, Technical and Supply Chain (and Service providers) to deliver effective solutions. Ensure root cause(s) is identified and corrective actions assigned.
    • Quick response on customer complaint, visit customer to verify the problem if needed.
  • Compile and analyze complain data to detect trends and initiate / lead improvement projects as required.
  • Monitor the status of returned / exchanged goods timely.

2) Ensure All Quality Assurance Process Running Effectively.

  • Act as document center of raw material agreement and distribute it to related parties, monitor the implementation.
  • Join in project team of new product development, ensure all project documents are well prepared  and ensure all related quality assurance processes are strictly followed.
  • Regular or random inspect the production assurance process to avoid any abnormity.
  • Monitor other quality assurance activities such as logistics process to avoid any risk of deviation.
  • Identify any other potential quality issues to ensure stable quality and fulfillment of customer requirement.

3) Support to the Management of Product Specification / Assurance Agreements.

  • To implement and track agreements, resolve conflicts and provide resolutions to ensure that BASF, A-PMA and Customer requirements are met to reduce business liability.
  • Coordinate data from routine inspection and or periodical testing to identify trends and deviation.

4) Drive Continual Improvement of Quality Assurance / System.

  • Work out and implement annual continual improvement project based on NCM running, quality system running and customer requirements.
  • Identify potential improvement chance in quality area and regular monitor the improvement performance.

5) Quality Communication and Reports.

  • Support supervisor to organize regular quality meeting to communicate quality performance with related parts, follow up the actions.
  • Prepare and maintain related quality data, analysis and reports, provide to related parts as per required, and analyze COPQ data.
  • Promote quality culture via sharing of quality requirements and knowledges to enhance the employees’ quality awareness and skills.

6) QC quality control and Lab Management

  • Control of RM/Semi-FG/FG quality原料/(半)成品品質管制
  • Mgt. for record test result and fill in report form記錄與報表填寫管理
  • Equipment adjust and test guideline儀器測試標準建立與儀校管理
  • Solve quality problem of product, increase product quality and production efficiency
  • Carry out ISO standard, Optimize and standardize operational procedure

7) Support supervisor to coordinate all customer’s audits and audit to selected supplier to monitor the quality performance and provide constructive suggestions.

8) Implement other tasks assigned by supervisor.

9) Act as back-up of Officer, QM in her absence, the back-up scope covers quality system, document center, quality training, quality project, quality improvement and suggestion scheme.


•       Bachelor degree or above major in Chemical related, chemistry or (quality) management is preferred.

•       5+ year of experience in Quality control/Quality management

•       Well communication skills in English











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