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刊登日期 工作類型 工作職缺 工作內容 地點 薪資
20 Jan 2020兼職/約聘JN-【新竹】美商 IT/Helpdesk 月薪7-11萬IT經驗3年以上,英文中上新竹市NT70,001-NT90,000 / mth
19 Jan 2020兼職/約聘MG-外商 徵 AP Accountant (contract)-Keep accounting books in line with Taiwanese GAAP (generally accepted accounting principles) and requirements of National Tax Authority, and also ensure the compliance with accounting standard (IFRS) and Corporate Policies and Procedures.台南市NT30,000-NT50,000 / mth
19 Jan 2020全職MG-Retail Sales Operation Manager• Responsible for achieving Country Retail P&L budgets and forecasts, measured additionally on comp. store results and achieving of targets of new stores / rebuilds 台北市面議
19 Jan 2020兼職/約聘MG-Finance & Accounting Business Process Analyst(Luxruy Brand) Adapts the results of business process analysis to specifying the functional requirements of automated business applications.台北市NT30,000-NT50,000 / mth
19 Jan 2020全職MG-Global Assistance Manager (負責醫院) This position is responsible for managing service provider network to support various business departments and meet business needs;台北市NT30,000-NT50,000 / mth
19 Jan 2020全職MG-Product Manager (cosmetic)Hold primary accountability for developing and implementing marketing objectives, plans and programs for Estee Lauder products.台北市面議
19 Jan 2020全職MG-Digital Consumer ManagerCustomization of the Brands’ social media and digital marketing strategies台北市面議
17 Jan 2020全職美商IC設計公司: Calibration Engineer,英文精通,三年經驗以上-三年設備校正相關經驗以上 -英文精通 -溝通能力佳新竹市面議
17 Jan 2020兼職/約聘南港軟體區美商!!! 電源工程師 (PowerCE/年薪100-130萬)DESCRIPTION OF DUTIES IN ADDITION TO THOSE IN JOB DESCRIPTION : 1. Mobile/Aio/Desktop platform customer power issues debug/support. 2. Review/verify customer’s power test reports. 3. Leading design reviewing process to support customer Q&A. 4. Discuss ASIC power specification with the world wide teams. 台北市NT90,001-NT110,000 / mth
17 Jan 2020全職數位媒體!!! Sr. Planner│資深專員~主任 35-50k提供橫跨行動行銷,社群行銷,口碑行銷,效果營銷四大領域的服務。 歡迎有數位廣告經驗的planner!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!台北市NT30,000-NT50,000 / mth
17 Jan 2020兼職/約聘,
美商高通Qualcomm IoT/XR軟體工程師 (0-5年經驗/英文精通)美商高通位於台北信義區,正發展多項智慧城市與智慧家居等大型跨國專案! 高通是全球數一數二在IoT領域擁有多項專業技術的大型公司,如通訊與跨國資源等 希望參與市場趨勢,成為領先技術的一環,就趕緊加入高通吧!台北市NT70,001-NT90,000 / mth
6 Jan 2020兼職/約聘MG-HR Operation(ER) Supervisor,近捷運市政府站The main responsibilities of the position are to help HR Operation Manager to responsible for the company-wide ER & Office Administration, IA Management, being a Power User of Concur , logistics of local training programs, operation support, payments to vendors via SAP and ad-hoc HR projects required by the manager.台北市NT30,000-NT50,000 / mth
6 Jan 2020兼職/約聘MG-FMCG company 徵 Trade Marketing Assistant (10 months)The contractor will be responsible for Trade APP and Merchandising routine works under the supervision of the work stream owners:台北市NT30,000-NT50,000 / mth
6 Jan 2020全職DevOps Engineer, 外商大流量純軟公司, 年薪1.2M~1.5M流量大,技術挑戰空間大! 公司穩定且氣氛佳!台北市NT70,001-NT90,000 / mth
NT90,001-NT110,000 / mth
3 Jan 2020全職美商科技公司:資深部門秘書,月薪45K~55K-英文精通 -三年以上行政助理/秘書相關經驗台北市NT30,000-NT50,000 / mth
31 Dec 2019全職PE-法務主任(NT50-60k)希望要有效率/ 態度強勢點的人格特質 認真負責、文筆流暢、邏輯清晰、有企圖心且具團隊合作精神。 台北市NT50,001-NT70,000 / mth
27 Dec 2019全職JN-遊戲公司徵 Korean Native Speaker (willing to provide Visa)中⽂讀寫精通TOCFL ⾼階級(Must)台北市NT50,001-NT70,000 / mth
27 Dec 2019兼職/約聘JN-美商 Power Engineer 月薪10以上 Above 3 years experiences in Client Notebook platform design.台北市> NT110,001 / mth
27 Dec 2019兼職/約聘JN-美商高通 RF System Test Engineer (新竹)RF System Test Engineer新竹市NT70,001-NT90,000 / mth
27 Dec 2019全職外商- 人資獵才顧問 Recruiter(無經驗可!)Recruitment Consultant台北市NT30,000-NT50,000 / mth
26 Dec 2019全職美商高通公司 徵 RF系統測試工程師 (位於新竹公道五路上)• Understanding of Wireless technologies and RF performance metrics like; Sensitivity, Tx Power, ACLR, EVM • Ability to conduct GSM/C2K/TDSCDMA/WCDMA/LTE/5G SUB6 test • Familiar with PCB CAD tools. 新竹市NT50,001-NT70,000 / mth
26 Dec 2019全職美商高通:IoT/XR軟體工程師,無經驗~五年以下經驗佳,英文精通-資工/資管/電機/通訊等相關科系畢業 -英文精通台北市NT70,001-NT90,000 / mth
NT90,001-NT110,000 / mth
> NT110,001 / mth
26 Dec 2019兼職/約聘JN-美商科技公司 Power Customer EngineerPC Notebook design/support Background, prefer in PC OEM/ODM EE team or IHV/ISV Application Engineer team台北市NT70,001-NT90,000 / mth
26 Dec 2019兼職/約聘JN-美商科技公司 Power Engineer Mobile/Aio/Desktop platform customer power issues debug/support台北市> NT110,001 / mth
26 Dec 2019兼職/約聘JN-知名遊戲公司 資深系統工程師 熟Windows Server或Linux 系統操作台北市NT70,001-NT90,000 / mth
26 Dec 2019全職美商-Product & Test Development Engineer (Digital)Product & Test Development Engineer (Digital)新竹市> NT110,001 / mth
24 Dec 2019全職PE-台南外商!!! Finance會計(NT40-55k)外商!!! 會計機會 英文讀寫精通台南市NT30,000-NT50,000 / mth
24 Dec 2019全職美商IC設計龍頭:Product Test Development Engineer (ATE/DFT)-Experience on Advantest 93K or Teradyne UFlex/IFlex as Product, Test Engineer, or Manufacturing Engineer preferred.台北市> NT110,001 / mth