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Date Posted Type Position Job Description Location Salary Range
13 Feb 2020兼職/約聘JN-【新竹】美商高通Qualcomm HW System EngineerExperience in Wireless LAN 新竹市NT90,001-NT110,000 / mth
13 Feb 2020全職美商 WLAN SW Application Engineer Familiar with C/C++/Shell Scripts Familiar with Linux embedded system development and debugging台北市NT50,001-NT70,000 / mth
13 Feb 2020兼職/約聘JN-美商IoT/XR Software Application Engineer2-5 years experience台北市NT90,001-NT110,000 / mth
13 Feb 2020全職美商 半導體 HW Application Engineer - Digital and Power (薪水優發展好) Digital and Power台北市NT70,001-NT90,000 / mth
13 Feb 2020全職美商-Product & Test Development Engineer (Digital)Product & Test Development Engineer (Digital)新竹市> NT110,001 / mth
13 Feb 2020兼職/約聘JN-美商科技公司 Power Engineer Mobile/Aio/Desktop platform customer power issues debug/support台北市> NT110,001 / mth
13 Feb 2020兼職/約聘JN-美商科技公司 Power Customer EngineerPC Notebook design/support Background, prefer in PC OEM/ODM EE team or IHV/ISV Application Engineer team台北市NT70,001-NT90,000 / mth
6 Feb 2020全職JN-外商 廣東話客服Cantonest CS英文/廣東話流利台北市NT30,000-NT50,000 / mth
28 Jan 2020全職Hardware Application Engineer - Digital and Power (US IC Design House, at 內湖)-Provide hardware design and review support to customers developing wireless products.台北市NT70,001-NT90,000 / mth
NT90,001-NT110,000 / mth
> NT110,001 / mth
28 Jan 2020兼職/約聘AL-[全球知名IC設計公司]軟體工程師, 無經驗可US IC Design House, iOT projects台北市面議
28 Jan 2020全職全球知名IC設計公司:美商高通 徵 HW Application Engineer - Digital and Power三年經驗以上, 畢業於電機/通訊/資工,英文精通,熟悉Power & PCB佳台北市面議
28 Jan 2020全職美商IC設計龍頭:Product Test Development Engineer (ATE/DFT)-Experience on Advantest 93K or Teradyne UFlex/IFlex as Product, Test Engineer, or Manufacturing Engineer preferred.台北市> NT110,001 / mth