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Date Posted Type Position Job Description Location Salary Range
22 Nov 2017全職網站前端工程師使用Java Script/JQuery開發,熟悉AngularJS/React.js/Vue.js架構 負責客戶端的網頁應用,以Vue.js架構開發互動式網頁台北市面議
21 Nov 2017全職業務主任(客服部門)五年以上軟體資訊或客服業務經驗,需維護及開發零售客戶,銷售公司自有CRM系統及客服服務台北市面議
20 Nov 2017全職OCR影像辨識工程師2年以上OCR辨識經驗,會使用Tesseract 佳台北市面議
20 Nov 2017全職遊戲app後端工程師使用Ruby 開發,熟悉AWS架構台北市面議
20 Nov 2017全職遊戲app行動工程師iOS/Android 平台遊戲開發台北市面議
20 Nov 2017全職後端工程師(架構師)以python建立網站後台系統 熟悉GCP架構台北市面議
14 Nov 2017全職Merchant Sales5 years+ of experience in merchant sales, account management, or similar client-facing role at credit card companies, banks, POS vendor, and Groupon model companies etc.台北市面議
8 Nov 2017全職Merchant Sales- Develop and execute merchant acquisition process for our product to achieve assigned KPI for merchant number and transaction volume. - Communicate constantly with prospect merchants in person or phone and emails to speed up merchant expansion. 台北市面議
8 Nov 2017全職會計處長下面一共帶3個團隊-會計部門、管理會計、ERP,共20多人台北市面議
8 Nov 2017全職Strategy AnalystMust have 7 years+ experience in relevant industry, business/financial analytical works or consulting background 台北市面議
8 Nov 2017全職Public RelationsThe position that works closely with the in-house PR team and external agency partner. The position will handle daily tasks such as content driving, media monitoring and market information analyzing. By generating positive news coverage, achieving product placement without payment in broadcast, print and new media.台北市面議
8 Nov 2017全職Marketing ManagerIn marketing team, you will need to initiate and manage all co-marketing and sales activities, execute ATL/BTL/ digital ads promotion and work closely with other functions and members together. Manage day-to-day operations of the service, including content creative, materials preparation, social media promotion..etc. 台北市面議
8 Nov 2017全職Blockchain - Business Development ExecutiveThis role is to meet any business with the ambition to expand or the necessity to diversify. It means that you will be in high demand in nearly every job sector there is, including B2B, B2C, and even non-profit organizations. You’ll continue to grow your network across the crypto landscape台北市面議
8 Nov 2017全職HR Director 高科技產業HR經驗10年以上, 管理經驗5年以上, 具招募及人才發展實務經驗新竹市面議
8 Nov 2017全職執行長高階秘書(特助)高科技產業(半導體)、高階主管秘書經驗5年以上新竹市面議
26 Oct 2017工讀,
招募顧問 (正職/學生實習)正職顧問歡迎應屆畢業生申請。 學生實習至少六個月。台北市面議