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Date Posted Type Position Job Description Location Salary Range
14 Feb 2018全職CL-SAP SCM Architect (通訊品牌大廠)通訊品牌廠台北市> NT110,001 / mth
14 Feb 2018兼職/約聘助理招募顧問 (約聘,優秀可轉正職)尋找具備潛力的人才!台北市面議
14 Feb 2018全職中高階獵才顧問歡迎社會新鮮人,提供完整培訓。台北市NT30,000-NT50,000 / mth
14 Feb 2018全職招募顧問 (歡迎社會新鮮人)尋找充滿活力、努力、有毅力的人才!台北市NT30,000-NT50,000 / mth
14 Feb 2018全職投資評估專案經理 (獨立作業)尋找有五年以上投資評估經驗的優秀人才!台北市NT90,001-NT110,000 / mth
13 Feb 2018全職OTC Sales ManagerTo assist in the development and implementation of agreed strategic plans across All Channels in the Taiwan market to achieve business objectives, sales and profit targets.台北市面議
13 Feb 2018全職Nutrition: Product Marketing 2年以上零售消費品經驗, 英文能力中等台北市面議
13 Feb 2018全職Department Secretary 英語能力認證單位相關測試成績 (TOEIC 700分以上)且有祕書專業相關培訓證書著尤佳  2年以上專業秘書經驗 台北市面議
13 Feb 2018全職Nutrition: Digital Marketing***兩年以上行銷企劃/創意/數位或廣告代理商相關企業工作經歷*** 台北市面議
13 Feb 2018全職澳商營養保健品公司 QC/Regulatory Officer Writing Skills – Technical / SOP writing  Understanding of GMP and it’s application  Experience in pharmaceutical, food or related industry 台北市面議
12 Feb 2018全職CL-SI大廠徵軟體架構師 (Java)SI Company台北市NT70,001-NT90,000 / mth
12 Feb 2018全職CL-銀行解決方案經理Solution Manager(Presale)SI Company台北市NT70,001-NT90,000 / mth
12 Feb 2018全職CL-銀行資訊系統架構師 (Java、.Net、Android、iOS、即可)SI company台北市NT70,001-NT90,000 / mth
12 Feb 2018全職CL-DevOps Engineer (美商通訊軟體)美商通訊軟體台北市NT70,001-NT90,000 / mth
12 Feb 2018全職CL-Sr. Android DeveloperICT industry台北市NT70,001-NT90,000 / mth
7 Feb 2018全職畫師(遊戲業/歐美題材)尋找擅長歐美題材畫風的畫師!台北市NT50,001-NT70,000 / mth
NT70,001-NT90,000 / mth
7 Feb 2018全職Legal Manager & Government Affairs尋找有法務以及政府公共關係經驗的人才!台北市面議
6 Feb 2018全職Sales Consultant (Recruitment Service)A challenging and rewarding job awaits you!台北市NT30,000-NT50,000 / mth
6 Feb 2018全職食品行銷經理 (經銷商管理)尋找有OTC或奶粉經驗的人才!台北市面議
6 Feb 2018全職法務經理尋找有LLM以及美國BAR的人才!台北市面議
5 Feb 2018兼職/約聘Digital Marketing Executive (外商金融業)尋找三年以下數位行銷經驗的人才。台北市面議
5 Feb 2018全職業務儲備幹部 (招募服務)尋找對人以及商業有興趣的人才。台北市面議
5 Feb 2018全職HR Consultant 人事顧問 (歡迎社會新鮮人)提供專業招募服務以及人事服務給企業客戶。台北市面議
5 Feb 2018兼職/約聘招募顧問實習生參與招募專案,協助企業尋找合適人才。台北市NT150.00 / hr
5 Feb 2018全職Headhunter 獵頭顧問提供招募服務給企業端,協助企業找到合適人才。台北市面議
1 Feb 2018工讀人力資源助理歡迎學生實習。台北市NT150.00 / hr
1 Feb 2018全職BD Manager (Solution Provider)Looking for someone who is experienced in solution providing in tech industry.台北市面議
1 Feb 2018全職招募顧問 (正職/實習)我們在尋找擁有熱情與毅力的人才加入!台北市NT30,000-NT50,000 / mth
26 Jan 2018全職MG-食品代理商 徵 主辦會計,薪5萬起1.平時帳務與稅務處理。 2.完成例行成本結算與各項成本分析報表編製。台北市面議
26 Jan 2018全職MG-Marketing Manager (OTC and modern trade)Business management and new business development of consumer health care portfolio.台北市面議
26 Jan 2018全職MG-CS Operation Manager• Oversee and direct the activities of a number of campaigns along with all Team Leaders and Staff assigned to their campaigns. • Responsible for a wide spectrum of responsibilities and must be able to multitask with ease and proficiency. 台北市面議
26 Jan 2018全職MG-Supply Chain 課長 (消費性電子產品)Inventory management: control inventory levels 台北市面議
26 Jan 2018全職MG-Assistant Accounting Manager (Retail)- Perform Periodic and closing activities on timely basis -Monthly /Year-end closing -Tax reporting preparation台北市面議
26 Jan 2018全職MG-系統導入專案經理 (零售業)1. 協助各項財會制度/內控制度/管理制度的建立與管理。 2. 各項SOP推行及流程改善。 台北市面議
26 Jan 2018全職知名外商 徵 AR Accountant ,近捷運市政府站 1.General accounting tasks and accounting related duties 2.Review sales orders/sales return application to ensure accuracy and completeness 台北市面議
26 Jan 2018全職MG-Supply Chain Director (電子業)Primary responsibilities include the implementation and evaluation of all supply chain planning activities and procedures, including, but not limited to, production planning, material procurement, inventory control, rate setting, outsourcing, vendor selection, and distribution. Evaluates the organization's supply chain performance against projected costs and timelines台北市面議
26 Jan 2018全職獵頭顧問 Headhunter尋找熱愛挑戰、喜歡與人互動、堅毅不撓的人才加入立可大家庭!台北市NT30,000-NT50,000 / mth
25 Jan 2018全職SearchAsia - 中高階獵才顧問 Headhunter歡迎擁有毅力、熱情、積極的新鮮人加入!台北市NT30,000-NT50,000 / mth
22 Jan 2018全職HR Consultant Interns歡迎大四或應屆畢業生應徵。台北市NT150.00 / hr
22 Jan 2018全職Senior Sales Executive (B-B Solution)尋找3-5年經驗的業務,善於服務/解決方案推廣。台北市NT50,001-NT70,000 / mth