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Date Posted Type Position Job Description Location Salary Range
22 Nov 2017全職【外商台北職缺】Sales Manager(工業自動化產品)工作內容:負責北部區域銷售管理(大致區域是從臺北到新竹),工作內容占比大於70%負責銷售團隊管理工作,30%負責大客戶管理以及銷售工作 性格:有衝勁,願意接受挑戰 ,較強的解決問題的能力以及判斷力。新北市面議
8 Nov 2017全職Legal / Compliance Manager Bachelor degree in Law, qualified lawyer will be an advantage.  At least 5 - 6 years of experience in law firms, or in-house legal department from multinational companies. 新北市面議
8 Nov 2017全職Operation HR負責新進員工報到到離職所有程序、協助Payroll計算、協助其他國家的HR Operation,機動性要高,要能獨立作業。 新北市面議
3 Nov 2017全職MG-Senior Human Resources Officer (外商半導體)•Independently responsible for on-site HR operations support throughout the employee life cycle including but not limited to payroll coordination, sales compensation administration, HR document preparation, on boarding and off boarding administration supports etc. 新北市面議