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Date Posted Type Position Job Description Location Salary Range
24 Jan 2019兼職/約聘DL-[桃園]美商日用品供應鏈行政助理(短期至3月底)短期需求,有行政及excel經驗佳桃園市NT154.00 / hr
7 Jan 2019全職[桃園蘆竹] Sr. Supply Planning Supervisor _資深供應計畫主任Review/analyze the forecast accuracy and collaborate with HQ Forecasting Dept. to adjust the gap for adequate inventory supply to sustain market demand. Monitor inventory level, analyze safety stock and trace critical items for in time replenishment to avoid any out of stock situation.桃園市面議
7 Jan 2019全職[桃園蘆竹] Supply Planning Assistant Manager_供應計畫副理Overall control sufficient and adequate product supply to fulfill market demand and meet customers expectation. Balance service level and inventory cost to pursue high productivity as well as sustain stable supply at each ordering channel. 桃園市面議
7 Jan 2019全職[桃園蘆竹] Senior Quality Assurance Supervisor_資深品質管理主任Establish, plan, coordinate and supervise product inspection and testing, manage local buyout suppliers, assist supplier and coffee shop audits then consolidate product quality and safety to meet authority’s, company’s and customers’ requirements and expectations.桃園市面議