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Date Posted Type Position Job Description Location Salary Range
22 Jan 2019全職[美商]Sr. Meeting and Event Supervisor, NT$800~900KDesign and supervise meeting procedure, position appropriate manpower and help completion of the meeting.台北市NT50,001-NT70,000 / mth
17 Jan 2019全職商品行銷 (食品業)公司組織扁平,需對應外籍主管,這個角色會獨立負責一品牌,對應總部,建議要出什麼新口味、新品項或是新包裝。常需要有跨部門的溝通能力 (對應業務、物流…)。 台北市NT30,000-NT50,000 / mth
NT50,001-NT70,000 / mth
8 Jan 2019全職Head of Digital Marketing (Locate in Taichung), English Native Speaker is required -English Native Speaker is required, work permit/ARC are provided -With solid in-house digital marketing experience -With international market expereince台中市> NT110,001 / mth
8 Jan 2019全職CL-節目製作人 (數位媒體龍頭)數位媒體龍頭台北市面議
2 Jan 2019全職CL-數位社群行銷主管(數位媒體)數位媒體台北市面議
2 Jan 2019全職CL-PR Lead-Financial Service Industry廣告行銷公關業台北市面議
1 Jan 2019全職MG-Digital Marketing Manager Responsible for all digital and social media strategy including online/offline campaign, promotion as well as company branding.台北市面議
26 Dec 2018全職Software company Marketing Manager 1.5-2M3年以上管理經驗,B2B Marketing經驗尤佳台北市> NT110,001 / mth