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Date Posted Type Position Job Description Location Salary Range
5 Sep 2017全職SA-韌體研發經理各類MCU/DSP/ 與Matlab/Simulink程式撰寫十年以上相關經驗新竹市> NT110,001 / mth
5 Sep 2017全職NL-Products Applications Engineer (半導體產品)Supports PLM – Semiconductor, responsible for all Semiconductor products including, thyristors, diodes, PTVS, TBU and TCS. Position is the technical and applications expert for supported products including both manufactured and sourced product lines. Primary focus is support of product application, data sheets, technical reports and drawings and new product selection. 台北市面議
5 Sep 2017全職影像處理演算法工程師 70-100K (平均16-17個月)l 新軟體開發技術 l 影像處理演算法開發新北市面議
5 Sep 2017全職Senior Product Engineer (Power Supply)關鍵字:DC-DC Converter,AC-DC Switching Power Supply,AC-DC Power Modules 新北市面議