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Date Posted Type Position Job Description Location Salary Range
22 Nov 2017全職【高雄職缺】Sales Engineer. in Kaohsiung(工業4.0/工業自動化產品)工作內容:銷售區域在台南,因此建議是居住在台南或高雄的人選 客戶主要針對電子行業,特別是半導體封裝測試,平板,OEM廠及EMS等 職位要求:3~5年工作經驗,相關工業品行業背景(自動化行業優先考慮)擁有電子行業客戶BD以及管理經驗,快速發展業務,提升市占率,會開車 性格:有衝勁,自我驅動力強 台南市,
NT70,001-NT90,000 / mth
22 Nov 2017全職【台中職缺】Sales Engineer. in Taichung(工業4.0)工作內容:銷售區域在台中地區,客戶主要為電子產業(特別是半導體封裝測試,平面顯示器, 光學鏡頭等) 職位要求:3~5年工作經驗,相關工業品行業背景(自動化行業優先考慮),擁有電子行業客戶BD以及管理經驗,快速發展業務,提升市占率,會開車 性格:有衝勁,自我驅動力強台中市NT70,001-NT90,000 / mth
22 Nov 2017全職【外商台北職缺】Sales Manager(工業自動化產品)工作內容:負責北部區域銷售管理(大致區域是從臺北到新竹),工作內容占比大於70%負責銷售團隊管理工作,30%負責大客戶管理以及銷售工作 性格:有衝勁,願意接受挑戰 ,較強的解決問題的能力以及判斷力。新北市面議
22 Nov 2017全職JY-芬蘭商Customer Program ManagePower supply台北市面議
21 Nov 2017全職業務主任(客服部門)五年以上軟體資訊或客服業務經驗,需維護及開發零售客戶,銷售公司自有CRM系統及客服服務台北市面議
21 Nov 2017全職Medical Device- Sales SupervisorGet order and achieve sales target for Taiwan donor/or patient division business. Increase sales result through account management, distributor service provision, promotional program initiative and new product launch台中市面議
14 Nov 2017全職Retail Expert in Jakarta 印尼的市場是多麼讓人期待的我相信不需要花更多時間說明。我的客戶是一間從台灣市場拓展版圖的網路公司,他們正在印尼紮紮實實的啟動O2O的生意,第一間實體店鋪在10/11開幕。 在網路世界裡面他們的表現從沒讓人失望過,現在他們需要一個零售界的專家,讓他們在衝刺的同時解決遇到的困難和迎接更多挑戰。海外地區面議
14 Nov 2017全職Merchant Sales5 years+ of experience in merchant sales, account management, or similar client-facing role at credit card companies, banks, POS vendor, and Groupon model companies etc.台北市面議
14 Nov 2017全職績效評估經理了解直銷公司核心獎金獎銜運作邏輯 良好團隊領導人(直銷商夥伴)與注重團隊成員發展 台北市面議
8 Nov 2017全職Merchant Sales- Develop and execute merchant acquisition process for our product to achieve assigned KPI for merchant number and transaction volume. - Communicate constantly with prospect merchants in person or phone and emails to speed up merchant expansion. 台北市面議
8 Nov 2017全職Blockchain - Business Development ExecutiveThis role is to meet any business with the ambition to expand or the necessity to diversify. It means that you will be in high demand in nearly every job sector there is, including B2B, B2C, and even non-profit organizations. You’ll continue to grow your network across the crypto landscape台北市面議
8 Nov 2017全職Retail Manager管現場70位員工,現場營運管理、客戶(故宮)對應、班表安排、制度人員安排、業績管理…等台北市面議
8 Nov 2017全職Project Manager照顧所有的專案要求(wifi設備專案、導遊培訓專案、網站建置、預約購買票卷….等) 需做跨國溝通,要懂藝術產業和文化。 台北市面議
8 Nov 2017全職OTC Sales ManagerTo assist in the development and implementation of agreed strategic plans across All Channels in the Taiwan market to achieve business objectives, sales and profit targets.台北市面議
8 Nov 2017全職Retail Store Expansion Manager / Business Development ManagerThe Expansion Manager’s main objective is to execute Business Development strategies in Taiwan region. You also include explore potential area for business expansion and establish a good rapport with the landlords. The role is based at the regional office in Taiwan. 台北市面議
3 Nov 2017全職MG-Marketing Supervisor(外商醫藥公司)• Develop annual plan and budget for the marketing/communications/public relations program and its activities, monitor progress, assure adherence and evaluate performance台北市面議
3 Nov 2017全職MG-Divisional Merchandise Manager - Garment1. Customer development 2. Product development 3. Factory coordination 台北市面議
3 Nov 2017全職MG-英商 徵 Retail Manager ,1~1.5M (全球最大視聽導覽公司)• Develop and implement effective operating plans for the Client. • Develop and roll out best practice plans and ways of working for Antenna staff at the above mentioned site. This should include best practice principles relating to staff management, customer services, loss / shrinkage prevention, and retail operations. 台北市面議
3 Nov 2017全職MG-英商 徵 Project Manager (全球最大視聽導覽服務公司)• Full project management and delivery • Fronting Antenna International as the main client contact point for project related matters 台北市面議
3 Nov 2017全職MG -Strategy Analyst (1.5-1.8M)Working as a strategy analyst typically involves researching and analyzing industry trends and determining how to optimize a business; strategic thinking, solid analytical abilities and interpersonal skills will be vital for the successful candidate. 台北市面議
3 Nov 2017全職MG- 營養保健品 徵 Sales Manager(OTC通路)To assist in the development and implementation of agreed strategic plans across All Channels in the Taiwan market to achieve business objectives, sales and profit targets.台北市面議
26 Oct 2017工讀,
招募顧問 (正職/學生實習)正職顧問歡迎應屆畢業生申請。 學生實習至少六個月。台北市面議