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Date Posted Type Position Job Description Location Salary Range
8 Nov 2017全職執行長高階秘書(特助)高科技產業(半導體)、高階主管秘書經驗5年以上新竹市面議
8 Nov 2017全職Retail Manager管現場70位員工,現場營運管理、客戶(故宮)對應、班表安排、制度人員安排、業績管理…等台北市面議
8 Nov 2017全職Project Manager照顧所有的專案要求(wifi設備專案、導遊培訓專案、網站建置、預約購買票卷….等) 需做跨國溝通,要懂藝術產業和文化。 台北市面議
3 Nov 2017全職MG-英商 徵 Retail Manager ,1~1.5M (全球最大視聽導覽公司)• Develop and implement effective operating plans for the Client. • Develop and roll out best practice plans and ways of working for Antenna staff at the above mentioned site. This should include best practice principles relating to staff management, customer services, loss / shrinkage prevention, and retail operations. 台北市面議