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Date Posted Type Position Job Description Location Salary Range
24 Jan 2019全職DL-外商知名化工Customer Service(業務助理),須有訂單處理經驗2年以上進出口、訂單處理經驗台北市NT30,000-NT50,000 / mth
22 Jan 2019全職AN-德商半導體商徵 Customer Logistic Manager, 帶人經驗,英文精通Infineon是少數在台灣的德商客戶, 對於員工與家庭生活都比其他的外商來的重視,所以公司內部的工作環境很溫馨。 10年來Infineon歷經兩次產品部門獨立切割, 目前的部門是現階段Infineon歷史悠久且賺錢的POWER IC 部門。 Infineon的POWER IC就高壓Power Mosfet則是在這市場上占據第一.二的地位。 台北市面議
8 Jan 2019全職Supply Chain DirectorTaiwan Manufacturing Company is looking for a SCM Director in Shanghai. Ideal candidate has 10+ years related experience in China.海外地區> NT110,001 / mth
7 Jan 2019全職[桃園蘆竹] Sr. Supply Planning Supervisor _資深供應計畫主任Review/analyze the forecast accuracy and collaborate with HQ Forecasting Dept. to adjust the gap for adequate inventory supply to sustain market demand. Monitor inventory level, analyze safety stock and trace critical items for in time replenishment to avoid any out of stock situation.桃園市面議