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Date Posted Type Position Job Description Location Salary Range
12 Sep 2017全職資訊資深系統分析師At least 6-8 years experience of hands-on IT system development support and maintenance with 3 years experience in Apparel Retail industries台北市面議
3 Sep 2017全職MG-知名美商 徵 Digital Web Designer(電子商務網頁設計師) Detail-oriented designer with a strong passion for interactive media to create creating compelling online experiences.台北市面議
3 Sep 2017全職MG-知名美商 徵 Digital Content Specialist (數位內容專員) - Responsible for updating all content website, applications and mobile website. - Work with Marketing, Business Development, & Sales departments to gather appropriate information for the creation and implementation of website content features. 台北市面議
3 Sep 2017全職MG-知名美商 徵 Front End Developer(網頁前端開發工程師) - Apply frontend technology to develop web-based applications and enhancements that meet user requirements and follow design standards台北市面議